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Burn Injuries At The Fault Of Someone Else – Recover The Compensation You Deserve

Burn Injuries At The Fault Of Someone Else – Recover The Compensation You Deserve

Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries and can be caused by variety of ways; motor vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, fire, explosion, arson, intentional harm, faulty consumer products, steam, hot water, hot coffee or gross negligence. An example of gross negligence may be a consumer product that can be easily exposed to a flame but not being subjected to an industrial burn test before sale.

The severity of a burn is measured in degrees:

  • 1st degree burn – damage to the first layer of skin called epidermis
  • 2nd degree burn –damage to 1st and 2nd layer of skin dermis and the epidermis
  • 3rd degree burn –damage to the entire thickness of epidermis and dermis
  • 4th degree burn – damage has moved beyond dermis and epidermis

Higher settlements are awarded for burn injuries due to pain, disfigurement and permanent scarring. Serious burn injuries often require multiple surgeries or skin grafts to restore affected areas and may further worsen beyond the initial injury. The settlements for burn injuries take into account the severity of the burn, the area of the burn, how the injury occurred and the intent of the defendant who caused the burn and their capacity to pay. However, in the case of burn injuries being caused in a motor vehicle collision or workplace, different accountability may be considered.

The claim is calculated based on the medical expenses, loss of income and other impacts from the injury including emotional pain due scarring or disfigurement. Workplace injuries resulting in burns may have different settlements based on the findings from the labour department; however it is important for the victims to immediately contact a lawyer to receive settlement.

At Futerman Partners, we advocate for you to recover the benefits and the compensation you deserve. We will help you to understand your rights, case elements, and other relevant matters in your claim to prepare for the outcome.

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