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“One for the Road” or “One for the Boat” –Bad Mistake! The High Cost of Boating While Under the Influence

It’s summer time and as the saying  goes, “the living is easy”. Chances are you can’t wait to get out on the lake to take your new boat or Jet Ski out for a test drive.  There’s nothing like the … Continue reading

ATV Accidents Spike Causing Alarm

When nine year old Tyler Massey was killed on an ATV this past summer in cottage country, our hearts went out to Tyler and his family.   Tyler was one of nine people who died in off-road vehicle (ORV) accidents in … Continue reading

Burn Injuries At The Fault Of Someone Else – Recover The Compensation You Deserve

Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries and can be caused by variety of ways; motor vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, fire, explosion, arson, intentional harm, faulty consumer products, steam, hot water, hot coffee or gross negligence. An example … Continue reading

Has Your Child Sustained An Injury While Playing On Playground Equipment?

Has your child sustained an injury while playing on playground equipment? It is difficult and overwhelming for a family when a child is seriously injured. Most injuries are preventable and occur due to negligence by someone entrusted to ensure safety. … Continue reading

Nursing Home Negligence – Holding The Responsible Party Accountable

The demand for assisted living in Canada is on the rise with the aging of the baby boomer generation and their families actively seeking supportive living accommodations. With this overwhelming demand, many elders are neglected, abused or harmed in many … Continue reading

Psychiatric Injury: Who Should Be Held Accountable?

Psychiatric injury is an illness recognized by a qualified psychiatrist or a clinical psychologists.  Although they may appear to be doing fine, victims of psychiatric injury can suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic fatigue syndrome. This type of … Continue reading

Compensation for Public Transit Accident Victims – Do You Have A Case?

A majority of city populations use public transit as their main mode of transportation as it is often the most convenient way to travel. Under the revised and existing Insurance Act in Ontario, public transit passengers cannot file accident benefits … Continue reading

Receiving Medical Cost Support For Injuries Resulting in Amputations and Disfigurement

Have you or your loved one suffered from an injury resulting in amputation or disfigurement? Loss of a partial or full limb is an upsetting experience that can bring devastation and life changing consequences. The subsequent intensive therapy and medical … Continue reading

Where Does the Money Go? A Look at Structured Settlements vs. Lump-Sum Settlements

Haven’t we all asked this question; where on earth does the money go so fast? A few days after pay day and your bank account is not looking so healthy. When it comes to receiving a payment as part of … Continue reading

Hit and Run Accidents; What to Do, When and Why

It’s almost unimaginable that someone would cause injury and flee the scene. But such is the case in a hit and run motor vehicle accident. It’s bad enough to be injured in an accident, but when the person who caused … Continue reading

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