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Orthopaedic Injury and Accident Claims Involving Broken Bones, Fractures and Other Injuries and Diseases of the Body’s Musculoskeletal System

Whiplash, broken bones, fractures, torn ligaments or injured tendons, rotator cuff injury, herniated discs, neck and back injuries, sprains and other injuries to soft tissue, spinal fractures;  all of these injuries and others are considered orthopaedic injuries. Orthopaedic injuries are … Continue reading

Neurotrauma injuries affect over 500,000 Ontarians and their families according to the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

What is Neurotrauma? Neurotrauma injuries include acquired brain injury (ABI) and spinal cord injury (SCI). Due to the catastrophic nature of Neurotrauma injuries, a person with ABI or SCI often requires years of support and services which has a huge … Continue reading

Death That Just Shouldn’t Have Happened; Dealing with Wrongful Death in Ontario

There is no pain greater than dealing with the death of a loved one – worse if you believe that their death could have been prevented.  The wrongful death lawyers at Futerman Partners LLP in Toronto have extensive experience and … Continue reading

Automobile Accidents are the Most Common Cause of Catastrophic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries How to Seek Compensation and Care

When you hear the word “catastrophic” in the news, it is usually used to describe a traumatic event caused by nature, such as an earthquake, tornado, a flood or tsunami, or perhaps a disaster caused by man, such as a … Continue reading

The Hidden Syndrome: Proving the Existence of Chronic Pain

“One in five Canadians struggles with chronic pain,” that’s according to a report on CBC News (April 30, 2014).  The study quotes Dr. Pat Morley-Forster, the Medical Director of the pain management program at St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, … Continue reading

Truck Accidents: Determining the Cause of the Accident and Seeking Compensation Requires Expert Intervention

Traffic has come to a standstill and the shrill sound of sirens fills the air.  You turn on the radio and hear that there has been a tractor trailer rolls over on the 401 (or any other highway in Ontario).  … Continue reading

Winter Sports Injuries; From Wearing Helmets to Waivers—What to Know About Protecting Yourself

Whether you decide to go bungy jumping or join a hockey league, signing a waiver is often part of the deal if you want to participate in the sport.  To put it frankly, you sign or you don’t participate. The … Continue reading

Slip and Fall Claims are No Laughing Matter

  Slip and falls happen when a homeowner, tenant or property owner is negligent causing you to slip and fall, resulting in an injury. This can include slipping on a wet or icy sidewalk or even a floor, tripping on … Continue reading

Hit and Run Accidents are more Common Than You may Think

We see hit and run accidents all the time on TV shows and movies, but it isn’t something we often think that happens in real life.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  Hit and run accidents are fairly common occurrences.  Hit … Continue reading

Have you been Involved in a Snowmobile Accident? What you Need to Know

Snowmobiling is a popular winter sport in cottage country and rural areas offering an abundance of trails and off-trail experiences. There is nothing like the thrill of climbing on a powerful machine and driving off for a day of winter … Continue reading

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