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Brain Injury Claims

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Futerman Partners LLPA brain injury occurs when there is physical trauma to the head. Brain injuries are typically classified into two main categories, including closed and open head injuries. These injuries are commonly caused by the striking of the head against an object, which causes the brain to move inside the skull with resulting damage to vessels and tissue.

The most serious brain injuries occur when the trauma to the head results in damage to the major blood vessels. If the injury is severe, a haematoma or bleed will occur, which can affect the intra-cranial pressure within the skull. In some cases, that change in pressure within the space between the brain tissue and the skull can affect the flow of blood and oxygen supply to the brain, causing further death of brain tissue. Our Toronto brain injury lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with catastrophic brain injuries and their consequences.

Brain injuries are typically classified into two further categories: focal brain injuries occur when the damage is localized to the area of trauma; diffuse brain injuries, sometimes referred to as diffuse axonal shearing injuries, affect a broader portion of the brain and normally require sophisticated MR imaging to diagnose. Both forms of traumatic brain injury can have devastating long term effects on an injured person, depending on their severity and the effectiveness of both short term and long term neuro-rehabilitation. Our brain injury lawyers in Toronto have been dealing with these injuries for over 30 years.

Futerman Partners LLPOften the area of damage is in the frontal lobe of the brain, which can have many devastating and long-term consequences for the individual. These include impairments with memory, concentration, multi-tasking, speech and higher executive functions like planning and initiation and abstract reasoning. Normally, brain injured individuals will require extensive neuro-psychological testing to further define an individual’s cognitive deficits. The involvement of an experienced team of neuro-rehabilitation experts, including occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists and physiotherapists is essential in maximizing recovery and reintegration back into society.

The Toronto brain injury lawyers at Futerman Partners LLP have extensive experience and a proven track record of resolving the claims of individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Our brain injury lawyers in Toronto understand that the devastating effect of a traumatic brain injury requires a lifetime of support and services for the victim and his family. While our experienced Toronto brain injury lawyers will make every effort to settle your claims, we have the experience and expertise to take your case to trial to ensure that you and your family are fully protected under the law. If you’re looking for brain injury lawyers Toronto, contact us today and see how the Team at Futerman Partners LLP can help you.